HMPRESENTLY: That’s Communication, for You

by Harvey Radin | Oct 5, 2021 | Essays/Fiction

It’s communication, mostly, that helps us understand or misunderstand… or makes us hopeful and joyful, or hopeless, sad, aggravated and angry.

It can unite us, and divide us. It can be accurate, or inaccurate, honest, or deceitful. Uplifting or discouraging.


“All of a sudden, I was wondering how many words I’ve written over the past 47 years. How many words, from the time I began stringing words together on office typewriters, early in my PR career, and then moving on to typing words on an office computer, and then, much…

Whether it was some crazy-ass crisis — and there were plenty of them, in the work I did — or, later, when there was some crazy-ass stuff to write about, the thought always came to me, usually at weird hours, like four in the morning, I’d be thinking: Well…this ought…

I learned, during four decades in corporate PR and crisis communication, and after that, writing guest commentary in media, and from being on an HOA Board, why the words we choose to use influence:

  • How people perceive communication
  • How they feel about it
  • How they react to it
  • And how — word-of-mouth — they share with others what is being spoken. And what is being written.

Words shape opinion.

Words matter!

(Harvey Radin:

Harvey Radin…

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