(#4 in the series: PR… Activism… Or Both, otherwise known as Poking Fun, Some.)

In the heated abortion debate, plants are being totally ignored.

It’s not only human females that have fetuses.

Plants have their seeds, and a seed’s overall development, like a fetus’s, can probably go haywire, occasionally…



(#3 in the series: PR? … Activism? … Or both? Also known as Poking Fun, Some.)

How can some politicians be getting so worked up over the word, ‘woke?’

You can almost imagine seeing spittle spraying from their lips, as they’re accusing someone of being ‘woke.’

But that word is in poems about waking up in some magical, idyllic place.

It’s even in the idiom… I woke up on the right side of the grass.

It’s when ‘woke’ is spoken in politics, that the meaning and tone seem so dark, nasty and agitating. With — what’s another word for ‘spittle? ‘Drivel?’ — going all over the place?

Leave it to some of the politicians to be driveling around, with their own version of ‘woke.’