Before Today’s Influencers Were in Diapers, I Was an Influencer

Harvey Radin…
2 min readAug 21, 2023

My influencing, decades ago, was without so much fanfare as, I suppose, modern-day TikToking and Instagramming influencers’ influencing can be.

Mine, back then, was rather quiet, by comparison, like an old soft shoe.

In the corporate sphere, that’s where my influencing was underway, when TV news cameras were focusing on me, and microphones were taking in my words about company and industry issues, and radio newscasters were interviewing me, on the telephone. And then, after all that orbiting around the corporate sphere, I went on to write articles and columns in media, still influencing, that’s a goal. Still doing it, but now, as a slightly — or more than slightly — mature influencer.

What a kick! This adventure, explained more, in this Daily Post column.

What I’ve been thinking, lately, is that my generational views — how I’m seeing things — might be interesting, if I can just get the hang of TikToking, Instagramming, and maybe podcasting, too. But for now, stay tuned to my upcoming ‘I’ve got missives for you!’

That’s what I’m calling it, because there’s certainly plenty to be pondering.

Like … am I reading this right? … “Donald Trump saying,” in a Raw Story article, “he was the ‘apple’ of Vladimir Putin’s eye…”

There’s any number of ways that might be interpreted.



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