Delving Inside My Own Brain

Harvey Radin…
2 min readJul 13, 2023

(about my column published July 11, 2023, in the Daily Post)

It was a brain event, I described, here, in this column, that got me thinking about the delicate, precious matter, in one’s brain … neurons, nerves, and such … that determine how we all see, react to, think about, and do the various things we do.

Hearing politicians’ rhetoric, brain matter comes to mind, their rhetoric about women’s health, abortions, voting rights, ethnic diversity, immigration, religion, guns, conspiracy theories, and so forth and so on.

TV advertising comes to mind, too … for instance, an ad featuring two muscle cars, side-by-side, with their engines revving, their rear tires spinning and smoking, and the muscle cars racing off, down a street, at a time when traffic safety often is being ignored, and with more folks behind the wheel having, it seems, an irrational desire, for speed…and almost incessantly, it also seems, various accident attorneys’ TV advertising, seemingly, almost every hour, even minute-by-minute, all day long… is on tube.

Saturation advertising… I believe that’s what it’s still called.

If I were to ask marketing people about their thinking, their strategies and goals, what might they say?

Maybe, having been in a long, fascinating PR and marketing career, I could guess the response… something about the safety of our driving public being a top priority,’ something like that?

But, interspersed with the ads, the news media are reporting carnage on roads. Is there a disconnect, as they say in business, nowadays?

Politicians, many might agree, probably have fudged, hyperbolized and misstated things, maybe from when they first launched their political careers, and some, now, apparently, are just making stuff up, entirely. When I was a kid in school, we’d fudge term papers, we’d try faking something… but not just about everything, like various politicians seem to be frequently doing.

I wondered, in my Daily Post column. after my brain event…

What’s going on in their heads?

I mean…

What the hell’s going on? (Should I type those words in all cap letters, for emphasis, like a former president often does in his social media posts)?

Goodness… or the opposite of goodness?

Which of the two words is it?



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