I’ll bet almost every screw up, every misunderstanding, every time-wasting, spirit-crushing, pain-in-the-rear problem you’ve had to untangle involved communication… plus ‘positive attributes of human character,’ in these columns|in the Pagosa Daily Post

HMPRESENTLY: That’s Communication, for You

by Harvey Radin | Oct 5, 2021 | Essays/Fiction

It’s communication, mostly, that helps us understand or misunderstand… or makes us hopeful and joyful, or hopeless, sad, aggravated and angry.

It can unite us, and divide us. It can be accurate, or inaccurate, honest, or deceitful. Uplifting or discouraging.

Let’s use the word — ‘clarifying’ — as an adjective to describe communication, in an article about COVID vaccines, that was just published in the Daily Post. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

The vaccines are doing what they’re supposed to do — keeping people from getting really sick, not keeping them from ever getting infected — but that hasn’t been communicated well.

That’s what Anne Sosin, a policy fellow at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy at Dartmouth College, mentioned in a Kaiser Health News article, written by Rae Ellen Bichell.

Ms. Sosin’s clarifying words — her clarifying communication — addressed some growing confusion over the vaccines, and COVID breakthrough illnesses. She also mentioned some frustration about “the ‘finish line’ language used by many politicians.”

We’re apparently not yet at the finish line. COVID isn’t in our rear view mirror, just yet…

And, while we’re talking about communication… I’ll bet almost every screw up, every misunderstanding, every time-wasting, spirit-crushing, pain-in-the-rear problem you’ve had to untangle involved communication.

Like those times you’ve desperately needed to reach a real person in a business firm’s customer relations, or tech support, department, and, calling the company, you can’t reach an actual human being.

Because, there’s a robotic voice on the line giving you a bunch of phone menu prompts to figure out. And you can’t, because not one them is clarifying.

And then, out of sheer frustration, you’re actually yelling into the phone, hoping some human may, somehow, hear you. But what you’re hearing, instead, from the robotic-sounding voice on the line, is; “If you need to have the menu selections repeated, please press 4 on your keypad.”

That’s communication, for you…

HMPRESENTLY: Thinking About Their Better Angels

by Harvey Radin | Sep 29, 2021 | Opinion/Letters

Knowing sort of what the words mean, but checking, anyway, I looked up ‘better angels.’

In the online Wiktionary, ‘better angels’ is defined as the “positive attributes of human character.”

And there’s this, too, in the Charles Dickens novel Barnaby Rudge, in chapter 29; “So do the shadows of our own desires stand between us and our better angels, and thus their brightness is eclipsed.”

Those words — ‘better angels’ — mean what they mean. Anyone claiming to have better angels better be on the level. There’s little, if any wiggle room; there’s no BS, no song and dance.

So imagine how amusing it would be to ask prominent people, in the public eye, if they have better angels. And if they say they do, to then ask; How would you describe your better angels?

How would politicians, in particular, handle having to describe, in all honesty, the “positive attributes of their human character?”

Without mentioning anyone by name, what do you suppose a certain Colorado congressional representative, for the 3rd congressional district, would have to say about her better angels?

And, then, imagine what others in Congress and the Senate, and some governors, too, out in Texas, and Florida, and South Carolina, and Kentucky might say. And other politicians, out here in California, where I reside, and Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin politicians… how would they describe their better angels?

I’m forgetting to mention someone else, maybe because he’s been out of office for the better part of a year, but since he’s still hanging around, and still stirring things up, I should bring him up, I suppose, but without mentioning him, by name.

Just imagine what he’d say about his… better angels?




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Harvey Radin…

Harvey Radin…

Image tweaker, author

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