Not a Journalist, Really, but Then Again…

Harvey Radin…
1 min readApr 4, 2022

In the Nashville Tennessean, years ago, in a guest article I’d written, I mentioned people, increasingly, failing to return phone calls… ignoring voicemail and email messages. That stirred things up.

I was full of it! … some readers suggested.

But now, years later, things seem to be about the same. Maybe even worse.

I worked for decades in corporate PR. Getting back to people — to journalists and others — was kind of baked into us, back then.

After my PR career, for the fun of it, I started writing guest articles and guest columns. So far, 290 of them have been published in media. So, I’m not actually a journalist, but then again…

Anyway, like a journalist, I’m going to be reaching out to people for information and insights on topics that seem interesting. I’ll explain I’m not a journalist, but I’ll mention my 290 guest articles.

We’ll see if anyone gets back to me. This could be interesting.



Harvey Radin…

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