Raising Awareness of Products, Services, Corporate Responsibility, and so Forth, was Fulfilling, but… Fiddling Around, Trying to Save the Nation is Mighty Fulfilling, too

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2 min readFeb 18, 2023


The nation needs saving, from ruler (dictator?) wannabes. They’re around, hogging headline news.

So… among several hundred guest articles I’ve written and gotten published, the past several years, is this article, (below)… inspired, I’m pretty sure, by someone reaching out to me, from somewhere, and telling me I should write something about the word ‘irreverent.’

Here’s the article, in the Daily Post:

HMPRESENTLY: Put Them Together and What Have You Got?

Posted on February 17, 2023 by Harvey Radin

There’s a special poster, in a frame like a picture frame, that has three meaningful words… ‘Kiss the Cook.’ Years ago, my wife and I got the poster for my dad, who loved to cook, when he wasn’t running his construction company.

For several decades now, we’ve had ‘Kiss the Cook,’ in our kitchen.

Twice, it’s fallen over. We can’t figure out why. It’s securely anchored in place.

We’re thinking something spiritual… maybe someone’s trying to reach us?

And out of somewhere, the word ‘irreverent’ came from somewhere. That’s how this story begins.

Having “a lack of veneration” is a definition of ‘irreverent,’ with ‘veneration’ defined as “a feeling of profound respect or reverence.”

And then ‘clumsy’ and ‘clumsily’ came from somewhere… and then ‘clumsy irreverence’ and people acting ‘clumsily irreverent.’

And one other word… ‘upheaval.’

Borrowing a lyric from the Disney song Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, “Put them together and what have you got?”

Upheaval, perhaps that? It’s happened before, with dictators — authoritarian rulers — being clumsily irreverent and crushing things, like peoples’ veneration, their respect, their reverence of things that often keep things — like nations — from coming apart, from toppling over.

Clumsy irreverent rulers, and ruler wannabes, can get really thuggish sometimes. That’s happened throughout history, and it’s happening now.

I’ve known people who were nearly crushed by clumsily irreverent autocrats.

They joke around, some of them, even seeming affable sometimes, like they’re just messing around. Until they get all messianic, promising some sort of deliverance from whatever they happen to have in mind. Iron-fisted dictators can be clever at that.

Maybe that poster of ours, toppling over, was something to be thinking about.



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