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HMPRESENTLY: Let Me Fiddle a Little, With Your Mind

Posted on July 28, 2023 by Harvey Radin

One of my earliest memories was my mother saying I brought peace to the world. Because I happened to arrive around the joyous days when the global conflict, World War II, was ending, when folks all around were celebrating peace… even partying, in the streets.

Growing up, I wound up fiddling with folks’ minds; that’s my way of facetiously describing my profession. I kind of fell into it, like lots of people fall into their careers, heading in one direction, and then another… on a number of unanticipated career paths.

But fiddling turned out being fascinating, I discovered… fortunately… since I’d be trying to pull it off for several decades. And right now, I’ve got to admit, I’m giving it another try, as the world is rolling along… along with some pretty concerning, scary current events.

Democracy — actually, democracies, globally — seem to be under siege. This has been in the media quite a lot, so some of what we all may be feeling could be media-driven. But, a lot is not, as I’m thinking back to early memories.

During World War II, folks had warmed up to, or given into, extreme, authoritarian ideologies, because — putting it bluntly — lots of folks were teed off with lots of things, back then… just as lots of folks seem teed off, nowadays, with one thing and another.

My early memories, probably from hearing family members, relatives and family friends talking about terrible atrocities, carried out and condoned — or simply ignored — during the war, have stayed in my mind, and are now coming back to me, thinking about heated political rhetoric, divisiveness, culture wars and other societal issues, currently.

Yes, some influencers, back then during the global war, lied… in order to stir up prejudices and fears. In some respects, this may be somewhat similar to what’s going on these days, and this is what could become increasingly serious, indeed.

So, let me mess some with your mind, so you all won’t be fooled, like lots of folks have been fooled over the course of history, by authoritarians’ rhetoric and lies.

Just allow me the opportunity to do that.

My mother was thinking I brought peace to the world, when I was born. Maybe I can do an encore? If you’ll just let me fiddle, a little, with your mind.



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