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Harvey Radin…
3 min readJun 28, 2023

That’s the thing, with PR. For decades, you can be in the profession, but is your messaging consequential? Mine… maybe, at times, was. Sort of.

But it was after stepping back from corporate PR, and writing guest articles and columns in media… like this column, just recently.

This one… about far-out politicians, changing the publicity paradigm. Screwing things up.

HMPRESENTLY: Basking in Bad Publicity

Posted on June 26, 2023 by Harvey Radin

It used to be that bad publicity was bad. And that was good.

Until various politicians started screwing things up.

Rather than describing various politicians the usual way, referring to them as ‘far right’ or ‘far left,’ let’s call them ‘far out,’ instead. It’s just simpler, and perhaps ‘far out’ better describes what we’re seeing, in politics, nowadays.

Anyone can be far out, regardless of political philosophy, although, being as objective as possible, far-right politicians do seem a bit over-the-top right now. Congressional representatives, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene might come right to mind, and some others… Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Senator Josh Hawley, for example.

Former President Trump got the ball rolling, in the first place, with this far-outness thing. He’s changed the publicity paradigm. He’s turned it topsy-turvy.

In the good old days, when bad publicity simply was bad, even the slightest possibility of getting bad press sort of kept things under control, whether we’re talking about bad publicity involving government, or business, or what have you.

Bad press was like one of those checks and balances we’re always hearing about, usually in government. Who wanted it? It was like getting some nasty rash. How did the ugly rash occur? How nasty might it get, and what steps were being taken to eradicate it?

That’s how things were before the former POTUS, Mr. Trump, and his minions started re-imagining publicity, convincing us that nasty rashes weren’t nasty. Or ugly. They were just fine, because he, Donald Trump, was just fine. He was the only one who could get things done, he kept telling us. He didn’t have to explain even a single, unsightly rash.

And now that he’s been twice impeached… and he’s facing multiple, pending charges for allegedly having top secret documents around his house, maybe around more than one of the places he calls home… and perhaps fomenting an insurrection on January 6, 2021… and alleged indiscretions, involving women… he still has a lot of folks comparing him to Jesus.

Nasty rashes no longer are nasty? They’re beautiful? Bad publicity’s no longer bad?

You know what’s really nuts? Rather than avoiding bad press, various politicians are soaking it up. They’re basking in it.

That wasn’t how it was, back in my day, in the PR profession. You did everything possible so you wouldn’t step in bad publicity.

Some far-out politicians are even monetizing their bad publicity, getting their minions… everyday folks… to chip in a few dollars, here and there, to fund legal defense campaigns.

Hasn’t the former president, himself, tallied millions of dollars so far in his coffers?

Who knew bad publicity could be lucrative? In the past, bad publicity caused losses… lost goodwill and declining sales for business firms, reputational losses for public figures… losses all across the board…

What’s happening right now… right this minute… is just nuts.



Harvey Radin…

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