We could start one of those think tanks, and charge beaucoup bucks

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HMPRESENTLY: A Think Tank; How About That?

Posted on July 24, 2023 by Post Contributor

PHOTO: Actor Walter Brennan.

Maybe we should let them know? The CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other top brass, with those impressive, abbreviated job titles, who are running big companies?

A fellow volunteer — we help out managing infrastructure, finance, and a bunch of other stuff, for our small northern California community — we were musing, the other day, about what’s going haywire, in business, comparing present-day business management with the way things were done, back in our day.

Our musing was facetious, but with some seriousness, too, as we were grousing about promises not being taken seriously. Back in our day, ‘promises,’ also known as ‘commitments,’ were of paramount importance.

Boiled down, ‘commitments’ meant following through on things. Getting things done, on schedule… the way things were supposed to be done, back then.

Unless we’re missing something, we agreed, even in this age of high tech streamlining all sorts of things — like, for instance, getting stuff you’ve ordered and really need, delivered right to your door — even with that, some things are still falling through the cracks, so to speak.

We had some community infrastructure that unexpectedly had to be replaced. There was a delay ordering new equipment, for some reason, who knows why? Things get busy at businesses, that happens, but there was no communication about the delay. Things were left, sort of hanging.

Keeping commitments in mind really is important, my fellow volunteer and I were agreeing.

He was in a line of work that required precision, clear, precise communication and follow-through. And keeping commitments, that, too. It was much the same, with my line of work.

Advancements in technology may be enhancing lots of things, but some things still aren’t as seamless as you’d think they could be.

We joked about bringing good, old-style methodology — that’s one hell of a good, business-sort of word, isn’t it, ‘methodology?’ — to the business leaders of today.

Almost every couple of days, there’s something about critical business concepts, innovations, and such, in the news, and online.

Everyone’s giving advice, those influencers — isn’t that the buzzword for them: ‘influencers’ — always weighing in?

Maybe business leaders should know what we’ve been thinking… how we see things, from the dark ages. (That’s meant to be a joke… ‘dark ages.’)

But, then again, we could start one of those think tanks, and charge beaucoup bucks — there’s an oldie but goodie way of putting it, ‘beaucoup bucks’ — and maybe get influential, so to speak, with top executives. Could we do it by taking them back in time? To way back when… in our day?

Would they listen?

Well, here’s the thing. What we’re getting back to… what we’re recalling… is the fundamentals of business. Nothing particularly flashy, just plain old, tried-and-true fundamentals.

But, wuld the top brass listen, with all those younger, flashy influencers always out there, influencing them?

What’s that other old expression about ‘saturating the airwaves’? The influencers seem to have a lock on that.

If we were a think tank, would that make a difference? Would that get the executives’ attention?

Well, okay, that’s it, then! No Canasta or Pinochle… that’s for old-timers, like the type that actor Walter Brennan played in old western movies.

Unless, of course, at our think tank offices, as a perk, our staffers could enjoy Canasta and Pinochle breaks, when they’re not tooling around the office on their skateboards…

Are they still doing that, the younger generation?



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