You know that oft-uttered expression… ‘They can kiss my ass?’

Harvey Radin…
1 min readSep 6, 2023

That’s what Texas Senator Ted Cruz was suggesting, the other day, referencing what he was apparently thinking, during an interview with Newsmax — and subsequently in messaging on X (formerly Twitter) — talking about liberals “wanting to control every damn aspect of your life.”

And ruminating further about a perceived notion, perhaps, that liberals want to limit his ubiquitous ‘us,’ in his messaging, to two beers per week.

Does this have something to do with owning the libs?

Who knows for sure if Sen. Cruz had that in mind. But whatever… according to media, including MSNBC, this was “a made-up crisis.” Which leads one to wonder if, as the senator was suggesting “they can kiss my a**,” could he have been pulling something out of it?

I just wrote, in one of my columns, that some of those political actors have been known to pull thoughts, philosophies and demands out of their rear ends, wanting us all to believe it’s gospel.

It’s a game, isn’t it? Driving perception? Whether it’s political actors doing it, or folks in businesses, organizations, and such.

It’s just that the stakes are really high, especially now. Maybe higher than ever.



Harvey Radin…

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