Imagining Getting Pulled Over for a WUI… in Florida

Harvey Radin…
2 min readJul 15, 2023

I just wrote about a brain event I’ve experienced (you can read about it, here).

So, early in the morning, when ideas for articles sometimes come to mind… they still do, since my brain event, and I’m thankful for that… I was thinking about — what I’m thinking — of as writing under the influence (WUI) my way of describing the fascinating challenges resulting, at the moment, from my ‘brain event.’

So… let’s suppose I were to enter the state of Florida, and a law officer, pulling me aside, says Hey, bud, are you writing under the influence?

Here in the Sunshine State, we — our governor, in particular, bless his heart, — wants to protect our citizens, our children, especially, from exposure to written material… books, articles, and such…that might get them thinking about things the state would rather not have them thinking about.

Are you aware of the book bans that have been instituted, here in Florida, I hope you are, if you’re planning to write something while you’re visiting, our wonderful, bright, sunny state.

“So, this is a friendly warning. If you get pulled over again, you might have to agree to take a WUI test, for writing under the influence.

We’re hoping, 0f course, that won’t be necessary. So, my advice to you is to mind your Ps and Qs, if you know what I mean.

And enjoy your stay, here, in Florida.

Maybe visit Disney World…

How about that, bud?



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